Ali and Jonny take on the HUUB Waterslide Challenge…

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have just faced their greatest challenge ever – forget going 70.3, forget Olympics, forget SPOTY – the real question is ‘who is the fastest down a waterslide?’


Joined by professional triathlete and rising star Lucy Charles and Olympic open-water swimmer Jack Burnell, the group were put through their paces with a number of challenges at Alton Towers Water Park.

The athletes took an initial timed run down the slide, before being given the chance to spend £50 each to upgrade their HUUB products to increase their overall speed.

The second part of the HUUB Waterslide Challenge will be released in the coming weeks.

Alistair Brownlee said: “Jonny and I have a lot of experience in high pressure endurance competition, but I can safely say this was a first for us. More than anything we all wanted to win! It was freezing cold but we all forgot that when the competition started.”


HUUB founder Dean Jackson: “All of our elite level ambassadors think they are the quickest, so we thought we would even the playing field and see who could cope with a few new situations! HUUB is all about using science and technology to gain an advantage so we thought we would try out a few new ideas with the guys!”

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