Alexa Bliss Gets Physical on WWE Raw; Is She Medically Cleared to Compete?

Alexa Bliss got physically involved in the ring on the June 3 edition of Monday Night Raw. The moment came during Peyton Royce’s match with Nikki Cross, after the IIconics embarrassed Bliss as she was drinking a cup of coffee at ringside.

Bliss’s newfound friend Cross may have won the match, but that did not stop Alexa from snapping. She jumped into the ring and attacked Peyton but Nikki broke up the fight before it went too far.

This moment of physicality is likely a sign that Alexa Bliss has finally been medically cleared to return to competition. This comes after months of speculation concerning Bliss’s in-ring status. The former women’s champion has not competed full-time in WWE since 2018.

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WWE has yet to announce if Alexa has indeed been cleared to compete, but it’s doubtful that she would be allowed to get involved in the ring unless the company had given her the green light before hand.

The lesson of the night? Don't mess with @AlexaBliss_WWE's coffee. #Raw

— WWE (@WWE) June 4, 2019


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