Alberto El Patron Addresses Goldberg Fight Rumors

Earlier this year, Bill Goldberg made headlines in the MMA world for claiming he was offered a kickboxing bout against fellow former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Well, Del Rio is claiming otherwise.

Del Rio, now known as Alberto El Patron on the pro wrestling circuit, is denying that he was ever offered a bout against Goldberg by the GLORY kickboxing promotion.

“I keep hearing this from a lot of people, but I’ve never heard anything from GLORY,” said El Patron during a recent interview with The MMA Report. “They contacted me, they approached me, but we never talked about money or names or anything like that.”

El Patron continued, speculating that maybe GLORY spoke with Goldberg about the possibility, but not him.

“Maybe they approached him and offered him some money and the possibility of fighting me, but that’s something only Bill Goldberg knows,” said El Patron. “I never got back from anybody from GLORY.”

While a kickboxing bout between these two could interest the pro wrestling community, and would certainly be a high-profile bout for the GLORY promotion, El Patron doesn’t appear to be that interested.

“If he needs to fight, good for him. If they give me the right amount of money that I want, then maybe, we’ll see. But I don’t think that’s gonna be the case, because again, I do so well in pro wrestling that I don’t think they’re gonna give me the money that I’m asking for.”

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