Zone3 launches its 2016 range

The new range is a result of seven years of reviews, elite athlete feedback and 1000’s of customer demo sessions, which has been combined with the development of cutting edge materials and construction technology.


 “Newly re-launched products include the Vanquish wetsuit which Zone3 are pitching as their fastest and most comfortable ever wetsuit. The Vanquish has a new extended upper body panel which stretches from the back, over the shoulders, down the arms and chest.

While the new Lava long distance collection includes the popular top and shorts as well as a new short sleeve Aero Tri Suit and an innovative 3/4 sleeve Speed Top.

 “I have never been more excited about going into a new season than I am at the moment,” said owner and founder, James Lock.

“The new collection is looking and performing better than ever and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved. Looking back at the first Zone3 products we launched in 2008 and comparing them to where we are today is an unbelievable feeling.”

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