WWE 205 Live Results (8/20): Captain’s Challenge 10-Man Elimination Match

WWE 205 Live Results
August 20, 2019

A video package opens the show previewing the Captain’s Challenge. Drew Gulak says every pick he’s made for his team represents one thing: “change”. It’s a great promo where he talks about Mike Kanellis getting a chance to show what he can do when he has nothing left, Angel Garza breaking out of the shadow of his cousin, and Tony Nese proving to him that he really will do whatever it takes to earn another shot at the Cruiserweight title.

We hear from Oney Lorcan as well, who says he won’t give some sort of big, motivation speech before tonight’s match. His picks are all about what he doesn’t have. He doesn’t have the athletic ability of Humberto Carrillo, the .manners of Gentleman Jack, the stamina of Akira Tozawa or the confidence of Swerve. The one thing they all know how to do is fight.

It looks like the Captain’s Challenge will be our entire show!

“Captain’s Challenge” 10-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Mike Kanellis, Ariya Daivari & Angel Garza vs. Oney Lorcan, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Humberto Carrillo, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Akira Tozawa

Things starts with an all-out brawl between all 10 guys that saw Team Lorcan get the upper hand and chase the others from the ring, before the bell had even officially rung. Gentleman Jack gives everyone umbrellas and leads the charge as his teammates all jump off different turnbuckles, taking down the opposition on the floor like a fleet of strange, oiled-up Marry Poppins.

Once the bell run Swerve started out with the champion, and actually caught Gulak with several amazing sequences. The cousins tag in and trade counter-for-counter, throwing each other around with snap armdrags and headscissors. Garza brings the match to a halt to rip off his break-away pants, revealing his true source of power. Meanwhile, the champion’s side took advantage of the distraction to beat the holy hell out of Carrillo in their corner.

Once Carrillo gets sick of everyone taking turns beating him up, he finally makes the hot tag to Akira Tozawa, who clears the apron and dives to the outside, driving Gulak over the announce table. He throws Kanellis back into the ring and applies an Octopus Stretch, as we see Maria looking on from the back, shaking her head in disapproval. Mike uses it as motivation and turns the tides, delivering his finisher to pin Tozawa.

Akira Tozawa has been eliminated. 

Mike celebrated his victory for about three seconds before Gallagher destroys him with a headbutt, hooks the leg and pins him. Maria is not impressed.

Mike Kanellis has been eliminated. 

Tony Nese and Gallagher lock up and trade holds for a beat, slowing things down momentarily. The Gentleman gets whipped to the corner but stops his opponent from charging by doing his weird… air kick thing… Daivari runs across the apron and kicked him in the head, but Nese got in his face and starts screaming about how he doesn’t need anyone’s help. Gallagher caught Nese with a headbutt as well, but before he could put him away Daivari once again got involved and sent him crashing to the floor. Nese hit the Dudebuster and that’s all for Jack.

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Gentleman Jack Gallagher has been eliminated. 

Swerve tags back in and locks up with the champion yet again. They keep hitting each other with big moves, but both guys continue to kip up and refuse to be outdone. Swerve eventually takes him down and hits a beautiful diving corkscrew uppercut from the top rope for a nearfall. He cuts off the tag but Gulak catches him with a lariat to the back of the head, before tagging in Garza.

Garza hits a split-leg legdrop and starts applying various submission holds while screaming at his opponent, slapping him and taunting him. We interrupt this in-ring action to bring you a video of Gallagher, Tozawa and Brian Kendrick yelling at each other backstage over whose fault was something or other. Great.

Swerve is battling back as we head back to the ring. He takes out Gulak on the apron and then goes after Daivari, but Garza takes out his feet and he falls hard on the apron. Things get wonderfully technical as the champion goes back to work manipulating a simple wrist lock like it’s a torture device. Garza wants in and thinks he can do the same, but Swerve escapes and the two trade superkicks. Swerve levels him with a lariat and makes the hot tag to Oney Lorcan.

Nese doesn’t realize that Lorcan is the legal man and connects with a running knee strike to Swerve in the corner. He realizes his mistake and counters with a series of kicks and strikes. The two trade uppercuts and forearm shots until Lorcan hits a half-and-half suplex to pin him.

Tony Nese has been eliminated. 


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