We Ranked The Top Five Reasons To Watch WWE 205 Live

When the Cruiserweight Classic burst onto the WWE Network, wrestling fans were amazed at how different the show was presented and was genuinely gripped by the cruiserweight tournament. That potential wasn’t quite lived up to with the creation of WWE 205 Live, and despite the fact, there have been some highs, overall the show has struggled.  

Yet in recent weeks, WWE has clearly invested more effort into the product, with a 205 Live general manager in the form of Drake Maverick and a tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion at WWE WrestleMania 34 there is plenty to get invested in at the most important time of the year.  

With incredible fast-paced matches on a weekly basis with everything on the line in a knockout tournament, there is no better time to get involved and start watching 205 Live and we will give you five reasons why you should be watching. 

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