#StopTrumpCare Call-In Day Fights Republican Secrecy

In the wake of news that Senate Republicans are planning to send their version of Trumpcare to the Congressional Budget Office without releasing it to the public, Indivisible is urging people in every state to ramp up the pressure on their elected officials Wednesday, which the group has declared “National # Call-In Day.”

“McConnell and Republican Senators intend to submit their secret healthcare bill to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) without any committee hearings, discussions, bipartisan debate, or public comments,” Indivisible noted. “We CAN do something about this: demand Democratic Senators grind Senate business to a halt by withholding consent until Trumpcare gets a hearing, and urge Republican Senators to push their colleagues to draft their healthcare replacement openly and publicly.”

Given the shooting that took place in Virginia on Wednesday, the group urged everyone to “be kind and understanding with staffers” during their calls. “Many will still be grappling with today’s tragic events.”

Indivisible’s website offers a variety of tools—including a sample call script and a step-by-step strategy—for those looking to fight back against the GOP’s healthcare efforts, which have in the past yielded plans that, if implemented, would take healthcare from millions.


“Nobody knows what this bill looks like or how it differs from the House’s American Health Care Act,” the group observed. “The GOP wants to keep it that way.”

Alongside the call-in day, Indivisible also launched a project called the TrumpCare Ten earlier this week with the goal of highlighting senators who, with enough popular pressure, could be persuaded to vote against the legislation.

“If we can just get three of them to break, then we win,” Indivisible co-founder Ezra Levin told Vox.

Levin also said Indivisible will be pressuring Democrats to do everything they can to block Republican senators from moving forward with the legislation.

“Democrats have some unilateral ability to slow down this process,” Levin said, “and they should use that power as much as possible.”

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