PodcastOne Launches "The Jericho Network," Ex-WCW & TNA Star To Host First Show

Chris Jericho is teaming up with America’s largest podcast network to take his podcasting game to the next level.

On Wednesday it was announced that Jericho will be teaming up with Podcast One to launch The Jericho Network. The deal was formulated due to the success of his Talk Is Jericho podcast. PodcastOne will handle Jericho’s production, distribution, and product marketing. The first host on the network will be former WCW star Konnan, who will have his own recurring podcast.

According to PodcastOne founder Norm Pattiz, Talk Is Jericho is one of the most popular podcasts on his company’s lineup. All podcasts on the new Jericho Network will be available exclusively on PodcastOne.com and their mobile app.

In an official statement released on Wednesday, Jericho said he’s stoked to bring some of the most talented, interesting, and “hilariously ridiculous” hosts to PodcastOne via his new network.

“My overall plan is for TJN to be an extension of the diverse array of subjects and guests I already feature on Talk Is Jericho twice a week,” Jericho said. “Get ready to be amazed, amused and entertained by ALL of the hosts and programs that will be added to TJN over the upcoming months…and don’t forget to wear a helmet!”

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