Nick Aldis Talks Being Part Of NWA’s Resurgence, Attending WWE’s Hall Of Fame, Why NWA Feels Real

Current NWA Champion and former Impact Wrestling star, Nick Aldis was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week where he discussed NWA and much more. Below are some highlights of the interview:

Being part of NWA’s resurgence:

“It’s very cool I was mentioning this earlier on it’s the first time in my career where I feel like I have been part of something from jump street. It’s very strange but also very exciting because we are touching on this history and building our show and our individual brands off of the legacy that is already there but at the same time it feels like we are part of something from the beginning and because the team was so small when Billy Corgan purchased the NWA, they contacted me and asked me to be involved and as a talent you couldn’t have been involved any earlier than I was. It’s exciting to see how far we have gone in less than a year and it’s exciting to see how far we can go with it.“

Attending WWE’s HOF and being told people want to sign him:

“What I find really interesting, I went to the Hall Of Fame last year and I will last year, and it’s full of guys I used to work with and then people who used to work and are now in the office and they say they really wanted to sign me. I just come to the conclusion, whatever it is, until they resolve whatever the thing is, I wouldn’t want to be there anyway because they would just cut my balls off.”  

Why is NWA real?:

“It feels real because it is. There are no scripts, we say whatever and that becomes the story, Tim Storm is a 53-year-old school teacher who is the NWA Champion. In this era, you cannot lie, that’s where a lot of the business has fallen off. The whole perception is reality and that people will believe whatever you tell them isn’t true when someone can just go click. The authenticity is what makes you feel something. Before Shawn Michaels, you could tell he was a brilliant performer, but once you heard that he got beat up in a bar there is a new element of interest. He was throwing little winks to it, we just decide. I know I push peoples buttons, I go, okay, are we going to have a whole roster of guys who just want to be everybody’s friend. I am 31 and we were told get to WWE, don’t say this and don’t do that because you will get heat. I see it in people’s performances all the time and I hear about it first-hand there’s too many balls in the air because you are worried about a million things that shouldn’t be important.”

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Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

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