Kontoor Brands creates foundation for sustainability

Global lifestyle apparel company, Kontoor Brands, led by labels Wrangler and Lee has announced its first set of global sustainability goals.

Wrangler and Lee have a longstanding commitment to help the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Kontoor’s global sustainability strategy aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Its goals for the planet are to establish a science-based climate target by 2022, save ten billion litres of water by 2025 and to power 100 percent of its owned and operated facilities with renewable energy by 2025.

For the production of the product, its plan is to source 100 percent sustainable raw materials (forest-derived and animal-derived materials by 2023, cotton by 2025 and synthetics by 2030), and use 100 percent preferred chemistry by 2023.

Scott Baxter, president and CEO of Kontoor Brands, said in a statement: “Denim is known as being tough, durable and long-lasting. But the production process historically has been resource-intensive.

“We’re facing this challenge head-on by scrutinising every aspect of the denim lifecycle and investing as needed to develop more sustainable processes. With a little over one year behind us as a publicly traded company, we are proud of our initial steps in a long-term commitment to maximize value and innovate for a healthier future.”

Photo credit: Kontoor Brands

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