Cody Rhodes On Why His Okada Match Was So Important, If He Was Jealous of Omega vs Okada, Facing Omega at G1

ROH and NJPW star Cody Rhodes recently spoke with ESPN ahead of ROH Best in the World, and below are some interview highlights.

On his IWGP Title bout against Kazuchika Okada:

“I look at that match very fondly,” Cody told “I think it was real important in terms of a lot of people leave WWE and their gimmick is that they were in WWE. Their gimmick then becomes they’re gonna go back to WWE. That was a night where if you hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you’d know this isn’t at all what we saw of him his last few years in WWE. This isn’t even what we saw of him as he was growing in WWE. This is a whole new man. He’s not just the ex-WWE guy.”

On if he was jealous of Okada vs Omega at Dominion:

“I always tell my wife this and she hates it — I’m very aware. As far as, I don’t want to get jealous,” Cody said. “I don’t want to watch two guys go out there, absolutely tear the house down and get jealous. I want to look at it and [ask], ‘What are they doing right?’ There have been many matches, and Kenny knows this, where I’ve sat at the curtain, not at the monitor in the locker room, where I’ve sat at the curtain.”

On his bout against Omega at G1:

“I watched his G1 final against Naito last year, I’ve watched every single Okada match. You have to look at him, and he’s a competitor. If you really strip the curtain back he’s a competitor in the sense where, ‘I want to be better at this than you are. I want to be the guy in the spotlight. I want to be the guy waving the banner.’ That’s the real competition of wrestling. So I like to look at that very aware and say, OK, Kenny is an absolute athletic marvel as far as his cardiovascular goes in that ring, his ability, his unparalleled strength — I think the strongest guy I’ve felt besides him is Cesaro. You look at those things and [ask yourself]‘How can you compete with him?’”

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