Backstage TNA News: Contracts Being Changed, Talent Planning To Quit?

A significant number of TNA Wrestling performers have been informed recently that their current contracts with the promotion will be dropped in the near future. The contracts generally include a monthly guarantee on pay, however TNA is going to be offering to replace them with per-appearance deals.

TNA used to pay talents a guaranteed monthly fee and then paid them a per appearance fee as well. In some cases, TNA will now be paying talents a little bit more per appearance than they were already making, with the idea being that it will make up for the loss of having guaranteed pay. If TNA increases their schedule to include more dates, talents could actually end up making even more money than they were making originally.

Despite the attempt at having a positive spin, many of the talents in TNA right now are not pleased with the changes. In fact, it’s possible that some talents may turn down the offers and wrap up their run with the promotion.

It should be pointed out that while most of the contracts will be changed to this new formula, some high-profile talents, such as Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, may remain under guaranteed deals.

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